How To Replace Cooler Gaskets

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How To Measure A Gasket

  1. Measure corner to corner across the top of the gasket to the nearest 1/8 inch.
  2. Measure corner to corner down the side of the gasket to the nearest 1/8 inch 
  3. Is the gasket 3 sided or 4 sided?
  4. A x b 4 sided 


How To Install Your New Gasket

Hold your new gasket up to your old gasket on the door be sure it looks correct

Is it the shape and style of the new gasket the same as the old?

Does the size look correct?

Grab the old gasket by the corner and pull diagonally thus removing the old gasket.

Take the new gasket and heat it up to soften it up and help it mold to the new door frame. The best way to do that is to put the gasket in a sink full of hot water or run through a dish washer. Take the new gasket and push with your thumbs. Put the dart “arrow” on the back of the gasket in to the track on the door. Do this all the way around the gasket paying special attention to the corners.

If needed use a rubber mallet and gently tap the gasket to be sure it is all the way seated in the track.

Once the gasket is on the door push the door closed HARD and hold tension on the door for 30 seconds This helps the new gasket mold to the door jamb.


Tips & Tricks

  • Clean the door well before installing the new gasket.
  • Soak the new gasket hot water or run thru the dish machine if you need to remove any twists or kinks before installation .
  • Your new gasket may take several days to form a maximum seal. A new gasket has to form to the new door and door jamb.
  • If your gasket is not sealing correctly after a week or two. You can use a hair dryer or heat gun to heat the gasket (do not heat to much or the material will melt) The objective of heating is to make the gasket soft and pliable. Then you can gently stretch or manipulate the gasket to fill in any areas that don’t seal.